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Feature: Recycling in Aktau: turning waste into money


Sorting our waste into different bins – recyclables and non-recyclables – has become to many of us so much part of our daily routine that we barely notice it anymore. But whereas the scenario might be similar in the United Kingdom or New Zealand, the reality is different elsewhere, as there are still comparatively few countries where waste material is consistently re-used.

Gallery: Transition Report 2012: in pictures

This Transition Report includes, for the first time, a detailed assessment of transition progress and challenges in the four countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) region: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia.

This year’s Transition Report, ‘Integration Across Borders’, analyses the importance of economic integration, focusing specifically on the changing financial landscape in the eurozone and the creation of new pan-European institutions.

Feature: Citizens of EBRD region show resilience in face of crisis

Citizens of EBRD Region Show Resilience in Face of Crisis

A new survey reveals attitudes in the wake of economic downturn, in the EBRD region and beyond.

Feature: Astana: offsetting our carbon footprint

Following this year’s theme of Supporting Markets – Asia Meets Europe, more than half of the contingent flocked to the Central Asian steppe, mostly by air, from outside Kazakhstan – from places as far away as the United States, western Europe and eastern Asia.