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Albania road

Improving local roads in Albania

Having invested €134 million in recent years to improve Albania’s strategic roads connecting regional urban centres, the EBRD has now turned to financing the modernisation

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The power of one Euro

One euro of donor money can achieve a lot. Just imagine what €454 million provided by donors to the EBRD in 2011 can do. This money benefits people from central Europe to central Asia and in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.

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Saving waters in Armenia

The EBRD is taking steps to help cleaning the wastewater flowing into Lake Sevan, one of Armenia’s landmarks, and to secure reliable water provision for local communities.

Tea Mania business owner

EBRD Business Advisory Services in Georgia

Two women entrepreneurs in Georgia developed a winning marketing strategy to push their business idea for selling high-quality tea. This was possible with the help …

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Transition to Transition (T2T) Initiative in Egypt

In its first event in Egypt, the Bank listened to the views of local business people, civil society members and politicians in preparation for the start of EBRD operations in the country.

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EBRD Enterprise Growth Programme in Georgia

A private clinic in Georgia is using a unique management software to offer its patients advanced healthcare services.

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