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EBRD Shareholder Special Fund (SSF)

Feature: Local Enterprise Facility: Helping to shape the ideal private sector in Serbia


An expertise in mechanical engineering and a garage as a workshop – that’s all Serbian brothers Vladimir and Nikola Lazarević had when they started to …

Feature: Marine Biosafety Initiative: tackling the economic and ecologic threat of ballast water


Until the 1990s, the Black Sea coast was a successful fishing ground for anchovies, but suddenly fishermen found their trawlers’ nets empty. The lack of …

Feature: Recycling in Aktau: turning waste into money


Sorting our waste into different bins – recyclables and non-recyclables – has become to many of us so much part of our daily routine that we barely notice it anymore. But whereas the scenario might be similar in the United Kingdom or New Zealand, the reality is different elsewhere, as there are still comparatively few countries where waste material is consistently re-used.